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Men Slippers
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Leather top slippers are classy and trendy, it makes you wear a new look and express your uniqueness. Get comfort and get perfect with this luxury Nora-Nora insole with Nora top-heel flat slippers. it is perfect when you want to achieve a casual look for every season.

1. Quality Leather top with a cute iron golden fancy label.
2. High quality
3. Water resistance
4. No sewing and clipping of pins
5. Nora- Nora insole/top-heel
6. For all occasions
7. Luxury, Classy, and Trendy, it makes you wear a new look and express your uniqueness.

Size: 40- 46

Color: Black

weight: 2kg

style: Casual

Main material: Leather, Nora insole, top heel.

Shoe type: Flats

Heel type: Flat

Fastening: Slip-on
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